digidom starlink maritime integration services



Cost Reduction

With Starlink providing high-speed internet connectivity, vessels can rely on cloud-based services like Office 365 without the need for onboard servers and IT infrastructure. This eliminates the significant upfront and ongoing costs associated with hardware maintenance and upgrades.


Cloud-based services are highly scalable, allowing maritime companies to adjust their software and storage needs as required. This flexibility makes it easy to accommodate growing data and user requirements without major hardware investments.


Cloud services are hosted in data centers with redundant systems and backup capabilities, providing a high level of reliability and data availability. This minimizes the risk of hardware failures disrupting operations.

Remote Access

Crew members and staff can access Office 365 applications and data from any location with an internet connection. This means that employees can work efficiently from offshore locations, the office, or even remotely, increasing flexibility and productivity.

Security and Updates

Cloud providers like Microsoft (which offers Office 365) invest heavily in security measures and regular updates. This ensures that data is protected, and the software is always up-to-date without requiring manual hardware maintenance.
Collaboration with office 365 at digicom maritime services


Office 365 includes a suite of collaborative tools, such as Microsoft Teams and SharePoint, which are essential for remote teams to work together effectively. These tools enhance communication and collaboration while reducing the need for hardware-based solutions.
Reduced Physical Footprint

Reduced Physical Footprint

Eliminating onboard hardware reduces the physical space required for IT equipment. This can free up space for other uses or reduce the overall size and weight of the vessel.
Environmental Impact

Environmental Impact

A smaller hardware footprint can also have a positive impact on the vessel's environmental footprint. Less hardware means lower power consumption and reduced cooling requirements.
Simplified IT Management

Simplified IT Management

Cloud-based services typically offer centralized management and monitoring capabilities, making it easier for IT personnel to oversee and maintain the digital infrastructure.


Cloud services are continually updated and improved. This ensures that vessels have access to the latest software features and capabilities without the need for costly hardware upgrades.

In summary, integrating Starlink maritime connectivity with cloud-based services like Office 365 is a smart move for maritime operations. It reduces costs, increases flexibility, enhances security, and simplifies IT management. This approach can provide a competitive edge in the industry while also making maritime operations more efficient and sustainable.

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