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With over 30 years of direct experience in Offshore technology, our vision is to take this experience and pass this knowledge along and implement solid solutions to our Customers. Most of our jobs are unique in nature.

Early 2014 we were working for a company in the country of Cyprus called EDT Offshore. Our primary responsibility included the management of the ports technology systems. From workstations to corporate network configurations, we also implemented about 20 various IP camera system around the port of Limassol and integrated to all remote stations and offices in the area.Integrating Ship to Shore for complete network connectivity.

Researched, designed and implemented a Ubiquity wireless base station and fitted all offshore vessels with a 2.4 and 5 Ghz wireless radios. When the vessels came to port they would automatically connect to the shore base station utilizing the shore broadband connection thus saving valuable satellite internet usage and allowing for fast network access. Both for customer use and remote management and system updates.

Configured highly secure corporate networks using cisco brand layer 2 and 3 switches along with Dell SonicWALL routing. We also configured Multiple vlan networks to provide secure paths of data to the required locations.

In 2014 we were asked to go to Gdansk, Poland to help Mr. Mike Henshaw, (Mike was the head of IT for EDT Ship Management) implement complete technology integration on a brand-new vessel called the EDT Jane. Upon arrival we discovered the vessel was in the process of being completely converted to a new and improved vessel to include major structural changes to accommodate many more people and much more equipment. It was an amazing experience.

Over 22.5 km of category 7 cable had to be routed throughout the new build to accommodate every needed connection point around the vessel along with approx. 10 km of fiber optic cable. It was a long, hard process. Working day and night for over 8 months. Complete technical oversight was needed at each phase of the job to assure everything comes together.

We researched, designed and implemented a complete new IPTV system to provide TV service to each of the cabins on the vessel to include over 55 end points all flowing over the designed multicast network. This provided over 60 channels to each cabin and the recreation rooms using the Sky TV network.The system is very configurable and can ve used on various satellite TV signals all over the World.

This was one of the 2 sister ships. After extensive sea trials from Gdansk, Poland to Norway to Aberdeen on both vessels we completed both of these projects between 2014-2015. Creating what we like to think to be “The Most Technology advanced offshore vessels on the seas.”  With Xbox VLANS for Crew and Clients to play against each other cabin to cabin, to HD TV signals running to each TV. These vessels are a technology masterpiece! The EDT Jane & the EDT Hercules was a great accomplishment.

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