digidom starlink maritime integration services

Starlink Maritime Service on MV “Sea Foam” 2022

MV Sea Foam-2022

The Sea Foam project was our first test with the Starlink Maritime service. Customer was unhappy with their current Vsat system. Monthly costs where high and service was exceptionally slow.

Customer was interested in trying out the new Starlink options. We designed a new network to completely replace the existing Vsat system.

Utilizing Port and STBD Starlink high performance antennas, we are utilizing a unique configuration for Speed Fusion bonding and redundancy.

This has provided an unbreakable link to the broadband world.

Each crew member on average is given 1-2 GB of data per day for personal use.

The Corporate network and its services running all Office 365 services has been a great addition to the vessel with lots of speed and reliability never seen before offshore. This New Starlink Maritime Integration was a complete success.

Monthly Cost Estimates

DigiDom LLC actively manages the vessels Starlink Maritime Service to best meet the need of the vessels project.

If the vessel is to remain in port, we switch the service to save the vessel in monthly costs.

When vessel heads offshore, we chose the right service to meet vessels needs.

Cost comparisons

Vsat service:

    • $2300 minimum monthly plus equipment lease fees and insurance.
      • Average download 500 Kbps
      • Average upload 150 Kbps

Starlink Maritime Service:

    • $250 monthly unlimited data in port and $2 for each 1GB of extra priority data offshore.
      • Average download speed 100-200 Mbps
      • Average upload speed 10-35 Mbps
    • $1,000 monthly 1 TB of overall data allowance per antenna. (depending on project requirements we may only activate 1 antenna and use second antenna as a backup)
    • $2,000 monthly 2TB of overall data allowance.
      • When utilizing SpeedFusion Bonding on the 2 Starlink Maritime systems average speeds:
      • Average 300-450 Mbps download
      • 30-60 Mbps upload
      • Provides a public static ip with this method overcoming Starlinks CGNAT issues. This allows us to do any type of port forwarding that is otherwise not possible using Starlink service.