digidom starlink maritime integration services

Using Peplink and SpeedFusion to Address the Starlink Maritime CGNAT IP Schema.

  • Limited Port Forwarding: CGNAT restricts your ability to set up port forwarding for devices within your network.

  • Impacts on Communication: Services that rely on peer-to-peer communication, such as file-sharing applications.

  • Lack of Direct Public IP Access: You don’t have a direct public IP address. This can be an issue if you want to set up certain network services.

digidom Has Solutions for Cgnat.

Leveraging Peplink’s InControl service is the smart solution to conquer the constraints of Starlink’s CGNAT IP schema. InControl empowers vessels to establish a rock-solid, remotely accessible network.

By utilizing SpeedFusion, InControl provides a static, unchanging IP address. It effectively resolves CGNAT limitations, providing direct access to devices onboard.

With InControl’s robust monitoring, you can oversee vessel connectivity and swiftly respond to any issues, securing maritime operations.

Say goodbye to Carrier Grade Network Address Translation hurdles and embrace a more reliable and remotely controlled network with Peplink’s InControl service and Starlink.