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We provide mobile and fixed satellite and conventional communications services. We also specialize in ships network systems and Vsat technical services around the globe, representing leading manufacturers.


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Highly Reliable Networks

We specialize in Low Cost…Secure, Reliable Networks. Excellent Bandwidth management is mandatory with satellite communications.

DigiDom offers a bandwidth management and optimization solution, especially designed and developed to reduce the costs of both business and crew communications and offer more crew welfare options. It can be used with various types of satellite communication systems including, but not limited to, Fleet Broadband, Iridium and VSAT systems.
This technology is developed in-house and installed in an industrial grade embedded device. It offers firewall, compression, bandwidth optimization and facilities such as email, web browsing and Least Cost Routing.

  • Robust Hardware
  • Terminals Management (Least Cost Routing)
  • GPS vessel position (depends on Satellite terminal model)
  • Firewall – IP Control
  • Bandwidth management
  • Optimization
  • Compression
  • Crew Internet cafĂ©
  • Business Mail
  • Crew Mail
  • PPCC – on demand
  • Data Transmission and Synchronization
  • Automated Logs and Reports
  • Fleet wide central management
  • TCP/IP Compression & Encryption
  • Customization driven by Client feedback

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Offshore IPTV Solutions

An integrated suite of software and hardware products to create a comprehensive and fully managed IPTV, streaming and signage system. Utilizing an installed infrastructure it allows for the delivery of almost unlimited channels of video media and information to an unlimited number of displays, TVs, tablets and phones within network reach.

With comprehensive management and administration software, the scheduling, content acquisition and storage of media are made easy with assured, repeatable and accurate delivery across any organization. This makes it ideal for use in offshore vessels, corporate offices, financial institutions, education and retail use.

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Our Message

With over 30 years of direct experience in offshore technology, our vision is to take this experience and pass this knowledge along and implement solid solutions to our Customers.

We specialize in designing custom networks that fit your exact needs. All networks are designed to be remotely managed to save you money on full time IT support. Using encryption based on 2048 RSA private-/public key exchange and AES (256 bit) session encryption. This technology is based on the same standards as https/SSL and meets today’s standards for security so you can feel safe with your data.


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